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Hello! I'm Christina. :D I post my ugly art, ugly cosplay, and ugly feelings.

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*tries to talk*

*gets ignored*

“you should talk more!”


I wish I wish

With all my heart



outfit game: on point
mental health game: ?????
— Anonymous: tbh it's upsetting when someone as great as you hates on yourself. You deserve better than that.

DD: Ah, goodness, I’m sorry to upset you, sweetheart! I wish I could agree with you! But I really don’t see that much to like about myself. ^^” I’m sorry if my negative posts bother you! I generally try to give them specific tags, but are there any others you’d like me to use?

Thank you for your kindness!! It means a lot. c: I hope you have a wonderful day, darling!! <3




Kids Give Their Opinions About Marriage…



some halloween shirts! + v + 

I’M WITH SPOOPY (orange)I’M WITH SPOOPY (grey) I’M WITH CREPPY (orange)I’M WITH CREPPY (grey) | Halloween Icons Tee | Actual Skeleton | Ouija Board: Do You Think This Is A Game? | Brains Like Lydia (Beetlejuice)

i want actual skeleton

— Anonymous: What fat? I don't see an ounce of fat anywhere. Except on my own ass XD. You're a gorgeous girl and your cosplays are adorable.

;;v;; Oh gosh,  you’re really sweet! Thank you!! I really am pretty chubby, though, especially around my waist. I was hoping have a gym available on campus would motivate me to work out more, but I don’t have the time, between homework and sleeping. 

Thank you so much for your kindness, though!! It means a lot. c’: I hope you have an incredible day!! <3

— Anonymous: judging from that persons blog they are nothing but a troll and I would love to see them do better.

Ahh, goodness, thank you!! ;v; Yeah, I really have no idea what they were thinking? I think they’re just some dumb child who feels entitled to have everything go their way, so if I cosplay a character and don’t look exactly like they picture the character, then I’m shit. And when I asked for actual critique, all they said was that my eyes weren’t the right color (because how dare I not be born with gold eyes because that’s totally possible) and my chest wasn’t large enough. Like… seriously? They’re obviously just a stupid brat.

Thank you for your lovely message!! I hope you have an incredible day!! <3


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Video games are great, they let you try your craziest fantasies. For example, on the sims, you can have a job and a house

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